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First-hand accounts of Africa after colonialism are often the best way to see how the continent reacted to independence. CHRISTOPHER OTHEN, author of KATANGA 1960-63: MERCENARIES, SPIES AND THE AFRICAN NATION THAT WAGED WAR ON THE WORLD and 'FRANCO'S INTERNATIONAL BRIGADES: ADVENTURERS, FASCISTS, AND CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR' ( or, who is writing a book about the Katanga secession, introduces an author who was in East Africa at the time.

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African Memories

John Trevelyn in Post-Colonial East Africa

While researching my book on the Katanga secession I recently came across John Trevelyn's writings about his time in Africa during the sixties. Trevelyn was a market manager in East Africa during the post-colonial period, the years just after Britain had handed back control of its colonies and new native-led nations were trying to find their feet.

He worked in Kenya, Malawi (formerly Nyasaland), and also in Haile Selassie's Ethiopia.

Trevelyn has four books available on Kindle. They are first-hand accounts by someone who was in Africa after the winds of change had swept through the continent and saw the results. Check out his website and Amazon page for more details.

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