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A selection of articles by CHRISTOPHER OTHEN, author of 'KATANGA 1960-63: MERCENARIES, SPIES AND THE AFRICAN NATION THAT WAGED WAR ON THE WORLD' and 'FRANCO'S INTERNATIONAL BRIGADES: ADVENTURERS, FASCISTS, AND CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR' ( or, about noise, crowds, and the kind of people who are only alive when they're spasming on stage, spraying heroin-infused blood over the audience from a self-inflicted wound. Darby Crash fans start here.

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Anyone who fancies a break from the turmoil of everything can cleanse their minds by reading about all kinds of cultural and military weirdness on my new blog. Expect to find short bursts of real-life insanity, updated regularly. I hope.

You'll find posts about Englishmen in the Spanish Foreign Legion, Pete Townshend of The Who shilling for the US Air Force during the Vietnam War, the woman who designed Ernest Hemingway's book covers, and Woody Allen fighting a kangaroo. And Filipino vampires. Hope you enjoy and remember to click the follow button at the bottom of the page.

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What We Do Is Secret

Mind Games and Germs Burns with Los Angeles Punk Legend Darby Crash (1977-80)

A junkie singer, a fatal overdose, and a high school brainwashing programme. Los Angeles' Germs were the hottest punk band of the late seventies thanks to the charisma of their suicidal singer Darby Crash. Unable to decide if he wanted to be a music biz legend or a cult leader Crash fell apart under the pressure of his heroin fuelled lifestyle. CHRISTOPHER OTHEN examines how a fan of Charles Manson and L Ron Hubbard briefly became the most influential figure in the LA underground.

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